NES Classic – Accessories – Wireless Adapter

Who is this Elven creature gripping the controller?

I knew they would do it! And by THEY, I mean 8bitdo x Analogue.

I’m sure some people desperate for wireless controller options on their NES Classic have already thought of or even done the whole connecting the “Hyperkin NES to NES Classic Adapter for NES Controller to NES Classic/Wii U/ Wii” to the “8bitdo x Analogue Retro Receiver for the NES“. I’m not sure if that setup even works though.

8bitdo x Analogue has simplified all this though by creating a Retro Receiver for the NES Classic.
It works with their 8Bitdo controllers and arcade sticks that you can get from Play-Asia.  And it also works with PS3, PS4, WiiMote, and Wii U Pro controllers.

The Retro Receiver (bundled with the controller pictured above) for the NES Classic will set you back $40 USD. So buying 2 controller bundles won’t cost much more than if you were to buy 1 wireless controller for a current generation system, not too bad if you’re looking for wireless play options. Even better if you already have PS3, PS4, WiiMote, or Wii U Pro controllers laying around and can just buy the Retro Receivers themselves.

UPDATE: 8Bitdo is taking pre-orders (for the $40 bundle) through Amazon right NOW!
It will be released on December 16, 2016.



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